Dirty Americans - Strange Generation (Liquor And Poker Music) - Back
Classic rock, hard rock or even bluesy rock is what Dirty Americans are all about. Their new disc “Strange Generation” rocks out. Stone Temple Pilots come to mind along with Sabbath, Zepplin, Grand Funk Railroad, Cream, Queens of the Stone Age, GNR, BOC, and I can think of many more. It’s not heavy enough all the time to be truly metal, but heavier than regular rock. Majority of the main riffs in the song are quite catchy, I found it easy to get into this CD. The guitars have that stoner rock, buzzsaw sound. Musically this disc isn’t too complex, but it really doesn’t need to be. Every song feels full; if you added more to it, you would interrupt the smooth flow. All songs are radio length, 3-5 minutes, and have potential for some airplay. And it’s produced by Paul Ebersold (3 Doors Down, Saliva), so you know everything sounds good. The Dirty Americans should appeal to people into rock and hard rock the most, unless you are too metal to appreciate the music. All songs are pretty solid. I would need this to be heavier for me to really get into “Strange Generation.”

Rating: 81