Disarray - In The Face Of The Enemy (Eclipse) - Back
"In the Face of the Enemy" is a well fit name for this straight forward, heavy, groove driven CD. Disarray has created one of the better metal albums of 2002. Every song has a couple of good riffs, some of the better ones include "Voice of Reason" and "Open Wounds (Self Inflicted)." A handful of others, I liked as well. The majority of the songs are well written metal with a sound that seems reminiscent from 80's thrash bands. It even has a classic metal ballad, "Life is Gone" which makes this album complete, and is good enough to be played on all hard rock radio. I wouldn't be surprised if this record helped Disarray to become one of the more well known metal bands. This seems like an album that future metal heads might look back and say "In the Face of the Enemy" was the album that started Disarray to become one of metal's classic bands.

Rating: 91