Disbelief - 66Sick (Nuclear Blast) - Back
Starting in 1992, Disbelief has since released four demos and 5 albums. Though their sound has a changed some over the years, they have developed into a unique combination of styles. It’s hard to classify what they have created on “66Sick.” Basically they are experimental, melodic, grind and death metal, with a groove… or death/grind on acid. Or maybe a mix of dark and doom with experimentation. It’s good for what it is, but the disc didn’t really appetize my tastes. It kind of reminds me of a more melodic version of the bands Silicon Head or Gutted. There are a host of elements creating their music, including depressing melodies and some brutal elements, along with raw and aggressive traits. One highlight is that Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Mnemic) produced this disc. Besides that, nothing really stood out from the rest, only parts did. This disc isn’t really bad, but its not really good either. I found most songs felt weird; there is no real strong progression throughout the disc. It’s like the songs fell into a repeating structure pattern of random elements. They are either too melodic for their own good or too heavy. I think their music would work better as one or the other. They have some great parts, that show they can do both…stringing them together is the problem. As usual, I prefer the heavier parts.

Rating: 66