Disgorge - Forensick (Deathvomit Records) - Back
If you looking for the sickest death metal band around, Disgorge is sure to please your appetite with their intense package of heavy, brutal, grinding music, with vocals that are as if their singer (Antimo) is singing through the digestive track of his prey while eating their intestines and blood is dripping of his feces covered chin. Their music seems to me as a wall of sound that pummels your head, over and over again. The fifteen songs on this CD last for nearly an hour regurgitating madness. The songs in general are intense, but are too chaotic and the instruments are to hard to distinguish, even for me. I know that this is what their intent is, and if any of you people out their read this, don't let this deter you from this band if your thought of mind is, the sicker the better. A little incentive for people to at least take a listen to this band, I thought that I would let you know that Corpsegrinder from Cannibal Corpse appears as a guest vocalist on track eight, "Crevice Flux Warts," of this CD.

Rating: 68