Disgorge - Parallels of Infinite Torture (Crash Music) - Back
This is thee Californians' 4th full-length and newest as of May 2005. This new Disgorge album is extremely brutal! Man, this sounds sooo much like Suffocation it's almost uncanny at times. The only difference is that they aren't quite as technical, but still heavy & fast, which to me means this shit is sick and relentless. “Parallels of Infinite Torture” presents 10 panic attacks in a shade under 45 minutes' time. Indeed... the attack is malicious, vile and in a very morbid sense, abrasive. Disgorge do give you a little break in track 5 to gather what senses you have left from the first 4 tracks, and then goes into the duration with “...infinitely tortured” songs like "Descending Upon Convulsive Devourment", "Condemned to Sufferance" and "Asphyxiation of thee Oppressed". Hell, the whole album (with the exception of Forgotten Scriptures) is brutal-happy with limited inhale time. This meaning, you must hear this more than once in one sitting to breathe it all in! Like I said before, though, Disgorge pretty much follow suit with Suffocation. Need I really say more? For fans into gut-wrenching Grind & Death Metal brutality.

Rating: 83

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell