Dismember - Dismember (Regain Records) - Back
It's always better to greet than to grieve the passing of another legend. Such is the case with one of Sweden's greatest death metal powers, Dismember. The first riff on this 8th release is there to greet you like Dismember always does.... kicking a fucking mudhole in your face!! Seemingly leaving off where "The God That Never Was" began, this self-titled piece is genuinely forbidding to virgin ears.

The thin guitar rhythms, short melodic exerts, blasting drum beats, blazing bass, Matti Karki's absolutely insane (and may I add, pissed off) vocals, they're all there again. One thing they have done a better job with this time is combining more melodic parts with the choppy rhythms, but simultaneously maintaining brutal at all times! I also like the good ol' muddy production they use without sounding like a cvlt band.

Although, the album cover is kinda weird for them. Almost trying to look Viking or like Bolt Thrower or something. Oh well, whatever works I guess. This album definitely works! My advice to the reader is to run out and buy this the day it comes out!! I'm done... LOL.


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell