Dissection - Reinkaos (Black Horizon Music/The End Records) - Back
I thought to myself that this would be like the Dissection in which I remember either "The Somberlain" or "Storm Of The Light's Bane" though my assumption was off. That doesn't mean there isn't melodic parts to just check out the track "Starless Aeon" and you'll hear what I mean.

The lyrical content was geared more towards Satanism reflecting Jon's spiritual nature. I myself look beyond the lyrics and am into pretty much most of the Rhythms/Leads by Jon. Unfortunately, this will be the last Dissection CD destributed since Jon took his own life.

A lot of great rhythms here pretty heavy and well-produced. Same with the Battery in cue with the guitars. This final release is worth checking out because it is unique, melodic, and pure Metal incorporated!


Reviewed By: Death8699 - http://www.death8699.com/