Ditchwater - Persistence (Independent) - Back
“Persistence” is the new promo CD from Ditchwater. The four songs listed I believe will be on their next full-length. Musically, the band shows good progression, they sound more cohesive now, compared to “Breakdown”. Modern hard rock has filled this disc to the brim, and elements from Pantera, Sabbath, Brand New Sin, Godsmack and Nickleback can be heard all over their tracks. Ditchwater have some nice acoustic and melodic parts, but I prefer their more edgy sound. You can get right into those rockin’ components. Which in turn also are the heavier tracks “Cloned Individuality” and “Can’t Take It With You”. But the other two tracks are decent too, they sound like they belong on modern rock radio. Actually, I could see any of the tracks on the air, it just depends on if the rock station can take things with an edge or not. Well, it’s always cool to hear a band improving. These four tracks last over fifteen minutes, and will leave you hungering for more.

Rating: 82