Divine Empire - Method Of Execution (Crash Music) - Back
Divine Empire is back again, and this time with vengeance on their new disc “Method Of Execution.” The band features ex-Malevolent Creation members Jason Blachowicz (bass and vocals) and J.P. Soars (classical, electric guitars and vocals) as well as Duane Timlin (Drums) from Broken Hope, Forest of Impaled, and Sarcophogus. Florida death metal runs through the veins of these doomed souls, and that is just what they have created. They also have traces of other elements to keep their songs from getting stale. “Method Of Execution “ is filled with deep, guttural death vocals, furious blast beats, and brutal, heavy driven riffage. But this isn’t the only thing this band can do well…proven with track six “Prelude To The Storm.” This is a couple minute acoustic instrumental with classical influences, and is quite in contrast of the term death metal. Still it’s a nice breakup right in the middle of the disc, so the death metal beats don’t pummel you to death. On the other hand if getting pummeled to death is your sort of thing then you might want to check out tracks “Surgical Strike,” “Dungeon Mask,” “Shadow Of Violence,” “Random Beheadings,” “Sanctioned Homicide”…hell just about everything else has the ability to rearrange your face. The album was produced by Jeremy Staska, who has worked with Poison the Well, Unearth, Malevolent Creation, Morning Again, Hateplow and more. People into Floridian or American death metal check this one out!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins