Divine Heresy - Bleed The Fifth (Century Media Records) - Back
After many years in the metal industry Dino Cazares (Asesino, ex-Brujeria , ex-Fear Factory) and his playing style and abilities should be a surprise to no one. In 2006 Dino founded Divine Heresy and in his search for a drummer he enlisted Tim "The Missile" Yeung (ex-Vital Remains, ex-Hate Eternal) to come to the fold. With the vocals supplied from relative newcomer Tommy Vext, their first album “Bleed The Fifth” was recorded in early 2007.

When I first heard of who was in Divine Heresy I had high hopes on what they were going to produce. However “Bleed The Fifth” was a little shy of those expectations. Not sure if my expectations was a little too high or if this is just start of things to come.

This debut is brutal and up-tempo for the most part with some melodies. The inevitable Fear Factory reference is noticeable, intentional or not. But this is more like Fear Factory on steroids.

There are familiar sounding heavy riffs in this creation, as one would expect from Dino, very chunky and groove-driven. At others there a speedy or melodic. All seem to fit well in this bands setup. Drums are at demon-speed due to Mr. Yeung, the world’s fastest double bass drummer. Talk about a blazing blast-beat, there is no one that can compare! Vocals by Tommy Vext are mostly yelling metalcore style, with some clean and death in the mix. One could say the vocals could be between Fear Factory style and a host of metalcore bands.

A couple other things to note about Divine Heresy… former Nile bassist Joe Payne joined the band recently as touring bassist, though Dino played bass on the album. Also “Bleed The Fifth” was produced and mixed by Logan Mader and Lucas Banker (Dirty Icon, as a whole). You may remember Logan from his time with Machine Head and Soulfly.

The only negative I see about this disc is a few riffs seemed quick at changeover. It only happened a couple times, something minor but something to mention nonetheless. It didn’t ruin anything, only slowed the momentum of those parts. That’s something these excellent musicians recovered quickly from in those songs. But all in all I still expected a little more overall than what was created.

Well let’s not dwell on the negative; this is one hell of a record. With songs like “Failed Creation,” “This Threat Is Real,” “Impossible Is Nothing,” and “Royal Blood Heresy” it would be hard to keep this band down. They are bound to gather fans from all their previous bands, and new ones that are into death, metalcore and thrash. There are no excuses anymore not to know about Divine Heresy. You can no longer play innocent and plead the fifth. It is now time to “Bleed The Fifth”…


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins