Divine Lust – Divine Lust (Independent) - Back
Whenever I hear new music from Portugal it never seems to disappoint me. Divine Lust continues the trend of excellent metal bands from their country. The band is a little like Mental Home (especially the guitars), but more of a mix between My Dying Bride and Fall of the Leafe. I’m sure there are probably some influences from Moonspell as well. I was more then pleased to hear the combination of doom crossed with gothic and traditional heavy metal. The songs came out well; it was hard to pick my favorite songs. “Alone In the Dark,” “Morrigan,” and “Embrace” came out on top. They don’t seem to waste notes, every note has its place, this makes this album flow smoothly. In the song “Embrace” they use an electric violin for the leads, which adds an amazing amount of feeling to the song. Ten tracks and almost fifty-five minutes encompass this masterful CD. Not to mention. They even threw in a music video for the song “Morrigan” for your computer.

Rating: 87