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Divine Rapture of Chester Heights, PA have put out their first CD which is self-titled. This CD is your typical death metal. It was pretty interesting to listen to, the only thing that I did understand is why the vocal were so much louder then anything else. If it was mixed a little better, I probably could have gotten into it more. It was hard to hear the music, it was just plainly to quiet. The only time I truly heard the music is when there were no vocals. Track 6, "A Glimmer From Beneath," is a good example. It is a complete instrumental on guitar, very impressive. The only other song I could get into on the CD was "Black Moon Harvest." This CD was divided into two parts: "Original Version" and "Raw Primal Version." In the original part, the songs were regularly recorded. In the Raw Primal part the same songs as in the Original were recorded in reverse. I always give bands credit for experimenting, but the only band that has every pulled that song reversal was Arcturus on the song "Whence & Whither Goest The Wind," and they only did one song. Divine Rapture did that to all their songs, which I thought was just a waste of CD space. All in all, this was a decent death metal CD, and if you're a big death metal freak you may enjoy this CD. This was Divine Rapture's first CD and with the talent that they possess they could get a hell of a lot better.

Rating: 70