Divinity Destroyed - Eden In Ashes (Screaming Ferret/Escape Music) - Back
Experimental and technical are probably the two best words to describe Divinity Destroyed. I don’t know what they consider themselves musically; they are definitely outside any true genre. The band incorporates progressive death, majestic power metal, doomy atmospheres and melodic folk rock into this recording. A bunch of bands popped into my head upon me hearing their first few tracks, including Pan-thy-monium, Cynic, Rage, Haggard, Maudlin of the Well, but much more experimental. Divinity Destroyed also reminds me of Mercenary, they take the death/power metal cross to another direction. It may be a weird sound at first because of the contrast in sounds, but the writing skill is quite impressive, especially how they position elements together. I like the keys and doom elements, acoustic guitars with electric layered, and the death vocals enveloped together with clean vocals. As I said earlier, its weird, but I think I like it. The only problem I have with this is they can get too technical and experimental. It becomes more of a “look what I can do thing” than music you can constantly listen to. Basically, it turns into chaos. They need to write more tracks like “Sweet Heresy” and “Threnody.” Of the eight tracks and thirty-two minutes, those are definitely the best tracks. There are a number of music styles they can do well, but it’s hard to think on whom this will appeal to, probably people into experimental metal. It’s at the very least worth checking out.

Rating: 80