Division - Trinity (MetalAges Records) - Back
Division combines thrash, power, and progressive metal on their latest release to produce songs that are well written and very likable. “Trinity” has up-tempo songs for the most part which keep you energized throughout the disc. Aggressive riffs somewhat like Savatage, Nevermore, Blind Guardian, old Metallica shows the nice guitar work and layers. The guitars also seems to be influenced a little by death metal, like Swedish death or melodic death; they trade of riffs nicely. Almost every track is at least decent, and most are solid. The ballad type songs mix acoustic with the electric as well, and show they have the ability to change things up when needed. “The New Elite” has a marvelous chorus, just like Blind Guardian! “New Horizons” is another song worthy of mentioning. People into melodic metal will enjoy “Trinity.”

Rating: 82