D.O.D. - Primal (Independent) - Back
DOD stands for Damage Over Dose and they are from the state of Oregon. They play a heavy old school death/thrash style. The band tries to use evil sounding lyrics, but they get a little cheesy with them, for a lack of a better term. Also there would be some really heavy, catchy songs if it was recorded better. You probably would be able to get right into just about every song; productions has much to be improved upon. The recording has a cheap sound to it as well. If these guys get some studio help they might have a chance to put out a good album. Its like they recorded everything in one take. Over forty-five minutes for eight good-length songs, that sometimes get a little drawn-out when the band repeats the same riffs at the end of a song. Maybe as the band continues to write music they will mature, but for now they need some help.

Rating: 46