Dog Faced Gods - Stoned Council (Voodoo Nation/Pyramid) - Back
California based quintet, Dog Faced Gods have a unique yet dry sound. It’s somewhere between alternative rock, hard rock, rap-core, stoner rock, and nu metal. They have a good sound and presence on “Stoned Council” but it varies from song to song. They probably need to focus on a couple styles instead of a half the heavier genre types. Parts are comparable to Godsmack, Black Sabbath, Body Count, POD and 3 Doors Down. Not for your avid metal fan, but good for what it is. To bad I review things from the metal point of view. Don’t get me wrong, some tracks are catchy and have metal qualities, but most of it is pretty much a generic sound. They know how to write but, once again, its generic. It’s almost a stale sound that cause it sounds like so many other bands. Basically, it feels like a local garage band in many ways. The vocals remind me a little of Violent J from ICP, but range a little more than what he does. Some of the lyrics are pretty bad, even laughable though. A few songs have a lot of feeling but also I found the generic sound making me dose off. Dog Faced Gods “Stoned Council” has a lot of decent parts, some decent tracks, but mostly it’s the some old thing.

Rating: 66