Dol Ammad - Ocean Dynamics (Electronic Art Metal Records) - Back
“Ocean Dynamics” is an amazing and unique journey from the beginning to the end. This endeavor is Dol Ammad’s sophomore album, and it’s quite an accomplishment. It’s hard to explain this album to someone that hasn’t heard it. There are many layers of music. A progressive, symphonic, atmospheric, theatrical metal opera, if you will, and that still doesn’t describe it all. Maybe Electronic Art Metal? That is also the name of their own record label, Electronic Art Metal Records, which pretty much describes their sound. You need an open mind to listen to “Ocean Dynamics.” To compare this group for reference, they do reminds me of Therion; sometimes Aghora, Theater of Tragedy, and Bal-Sagoth too. Dol Ammad includes a fourteen member classical choir, comprised of 7 men, 7 woman…so obviously the vocals are awesome. Also there are guest vocals by DC Cooper from Silent Force (Ex-Royal Hunt). Another notable on the album, is drummer Alex Holzwarth. You may know him from Rhapsody or Sieges Even. The soundscapes, effects, and atmospheres provided from Thanasis Lightbridge, create a one of a kind vibe, and are imaginative. Combine that with the pulsing guitars and drums and you have a metal acid trip. For me I thought there was a lot of contrast, maybe too much? That was probably their intention though. Some parts aren’t metal enough or have too much of an electronic vibe for my tastes too. I feel like I should like this more than I do. Maybe Dol Ammad are trying to do too much with each track? A couple times when I expected the song to end it continued on with something experimental or electronic. At any rate it’s far from being dull. The official release for “Ocean Dynamics” will be release in digipak form with art from Andrew Ostin and consists of ten songs nearly an hour in length.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins