Dope - Life (Epic) - Back
The Sophomore album, "Life," for the Nu-Metal band Dope shows what Edsel Dope once said. He was talking about making an album for all of the hard rock fans. This album touches on the heaviness of Slipknot sometimes, and at other times more of a quiet sound like Stained. Overall the band sounds like they have matured over the last few years of being on the road. Its amazing sometimes how the road can pull a band together. The majority of the songs on this CD are at least decent. My favorite songs include "Take Your Best Shot," "Now or Never," "Stop," "Die MF Die," "March of Hope," and the hidden track "You're Full of Shit." All songs have a different feeling, whether it's a favorite of mine, just depends what mood I'm in. "Life" has a total of thirteen tracks, plus the hidden one I mentioned, for a total of forty-five minutes, plenty of time to thrash around the house once or twice. Dope's approach of writing songs about everyday emotion, feelings and issues may have started the band in the correct direction. After hearing this album, it has brought me to a new respect for the band, more then I once had.

Rating: 86