Doro – Fight (SPV) - Back
The female enchantress, Doro, has been in the metal scene for over twenty years now. “Fight” is an album with a different approach of recording. Doro and the band tried to make an album, “as powerful as possible and as natural as necessary.” This created a sound that has an atmosphere of a live performance. The heavier tracks on the CD sounded better to me, maybe because they were also the catchier tracks. It’s basically, a traditional heavy metal riffing style on the disc, and any traditional metal fan should at least appreciate the music. One thing about the album didn’t make much sense to me. The guitar solos get lost sometimes behind the rest of the song and I have to pose one question…Why have a solo if you can’t hear it? This didn’t happen much, but it was noticeable enough to mention. “Fight” has a cast of people that helped out with it. Chris Cafferey from Savatage is featured on “Salvaje,” which is one of my favorite songs. “Descent” features Peter Steele from Type O Negative. The mix of enchanting female vocals crossed with an opposite of cavernously deep male vocal styles works well, and also make this a track unique enough to be my favorite. Kiss vocalist, Gene Simmons, wrote a track on this disc as well (“Legends Never Die”). “Fight” is a good name for the title of a metal album, but the story behind the naming of this disc is a little more then a “cool name.” Doro is friends with Woman’s Boxing Champion, Regina Halmich. They have exchanged appearances at each other’s events in the past, and Regina used a Doro song for her music when she comes to the boxing arena. The song “Fight” was written for Regina, and that is probably why it gained prominence to be the name of the CD as well. Once again, Doro shows that she can still do what she has been doing for years, and with the help from her friends she can still get the blood pumping in her fans.

Rating: 71