Doro - Samples from Calling The Wild (Koch Records) - Back
Doro is finally back with some more metal to please yours ears. This Fem Fatal has been in the metal scene for quite some time now, and she still can get any metal fan motivated, just like she used to. On this four song sampler, off of Doro's new CD call "Calling The Wild," she starts off with a cover of a Billy Idol song, "White Wedding." It's a great cover, probably one of the covers I have ever heard. It's like the original song, but done as if Doro wrote it. The other three songs bring me straight back to the 80's. Its your typical 80's metal with Doro at the helm. Though none of the songs were amazing, they were all good. It makes me want to listen to the rest of the album before I make a decision on this CD. These four songs last for nearly eighteen minutes, and make you reminisce just as much as the latest efforts of Iron Maiden and Rob Halford. If you want to see what Doro is up to these days check out here website at At least check it out to check out one of the first ladies of metal, and check out the dates that she is touring with Dio.

Rating: 72