DownDriven - Broken Halo (Independent) - Back
DownDriven, a band from near the Rochester, NY area bounces onto the metal scene with their CD Broken Halo. The best way to describe them is to mix hardcore and death metal. They do sound different then a deathcore band, that is probably the best way to describe them. There are not really many bands that sound like them, they have a unique sound. There songs are an onslaught of brutality that keeps pounding away, and it does not rest. All songs are good, but my favorite tracks are "Dedication Kills" and "13 Years." The only thing I can think of that would make this better would be to increase the recording quality. Besides that, it stands pretty strong. There are 4 tracks on this CD and it last 20 minutes; about 5 minutes per song. My friends have told me that these guys know how to put a live show on, so I'm sure they are great live. I know I will check them out if I get the time.

Rating: 78