Draconian - Arcane Rain Fell (Napalm) - Back
I once dreamt of “arcane rain falling” with blight and with majesty. Whence, Draconian delivers us unto magnificence! The Swedes have committed themselves to the doom-laden atmospheres and elegantly harmonious guitar medleys to create the stunning sophomore release that is called... “Arcane Rain Fell”. Immediately pouring with melancholy on "A Scenery of Loss", the texture is completely drowned with tremendous emotive and diversity. However long the track, Draconian seems to find angles to channel their style in originality to make things very interesting. Mixing up female and spoken male vocals with guttural death vocals is one incentive. Another is the near flawless guitar medleys (acoustic and electric) woven tightly with somewhat upbeat and mid-paced percussive flows. Such is evident with the awesome "The Abhorrent Rays", which reminds me of a band known as Katatonia (the earlier Brave Murder Day-sound, but more dynamic!). An extremely atmospheric piece called "Heaven Laid in Tears (Angels' Lament)" is probably the most sophisticated sound the band has unleashed in their very promising career so far. This is also their most "daring" track so far, rounding off all of their elements into one song! Doom metal is alive and well as far as I'm concerned! It's now up to you to help keep it alive - Draconian is awesome!! Time to lavish for those of you into My Dying Bride, Katatonia and Opeth...

Rating: 95

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell