Dragonia - Resurrection (Independent) - Back
Italy is the home of power, progressive metal band Dragonia. “Resurrection” shows exactly what this band can do, even if they don’t keep up the great stuff throughout. Musically this disc is constructed pretty well. It appears they know exactly what they want to write. The riff selection isn’t perfect all the time but it’s decent enough that you don’t get bored. Guitar solos are excellent along with many of the leads, but some of the rhythm guitars might not flow as much as the leads. They aren’t as consistent. Vocally they are somewhat similar to Tim Owens (Judas Priest, Iced Earth), he can hit notes that are pretty high, but it can get annoying when he’s off a little. There might only be three tracks on this CD but it almost reaches18 minutes. Each song is about 5:50 minutes of New Wave of Italic Epic Metal…at least that is what they call themselves. Other than that, the production is pretty good. If anything it’s a tad bit raw, nothing that interferes you from hearing the music. If everything becomes a little more consistent people will start to appreciate this band in a better way.

Rating: 70