Dreamflight - Promo 2001 (Independent) - Back
Melodic and quiet undertones are the best way to describe the band Dreamflight. Some of the songs seem similar to each other, sometimes almost identical, but this is broken up with melodic lead guitar riffing. Dreamflight seems as if they took the atmosphere of Pink Floyd and Tiamat's album, "Wildhoney," and turned it into their own. The more metal side of this band is in the vain of Theater of Tragedy, Amorphis and My Dying Bride. As a whole the band is an atmospheric/doom metal band. What I like about this band is how the female vocals work well with the music. "Promo 2001" has seven songs on it, and it gets you into a complete relaxed state. My favorite songs on this promo are "To Get Over Yourself," "Astral Penetration," and "A New Chance." Speaking of chance, if some label gives Dreamflight one, then I'm sure they can get their music more of a crisp recording. They would fit in well with bands that Dark Symphonies has on their roster.

Rating: 74