Dream or Nightmare - Demo (Independent) - Back
Combining modern, traditional and progressive metal, Dream or Nightmare has put out their first demo to create a new sound to metal. It is pretty straight forward, but it's unique. This CD is a demo, so you can probably ponder that the quality of the recording isn't the best, but decent for a demo. This four songs demo will probably not do much to get you into a mosh pit, but it will give you a few head banging nods. The one song I enjoyed the most was track three, "Sea of Rage." If the production was up on the CD it would probably be a good song. One thing they have going for them is that the have riffmaster Joe Sims playing guitar; he is most well know for his work in Axemaster and he also worked with The Awakening and Reign. Over twenty-five minutes of metal that with a little more of a direction, more catchy riffs and a solid sound team, maybe will get these guys a record deal..

Rating: 69