Dreams Of Damnation - Let The Violence Begin (Necropolis Records) - Back
When people think of legendary thrash bands one name seems to come up all the time, and that is Dark Angel. One thing that Dreams Of Damnation and Dark Angel have in common is that they were both formed by the same person. That's right, founding member, and former Dark Angel guitarist, Jim Durkin, is the man behind the formation of Dreams Of Damnation. The riffing style is similar to his time with Dark Angel, but it seems more aggressive now, its somewhat similar to the Haunted. When Jim formed the band he got Charlie Silva, a 6' 8" Brazilian giant to play bass and to scream out the vocals. Along with veteran metal drummer Al "Mayhem" Mendez, they have put out their first CD entitled "Let The Violence Begin." A lot of the riffs remind me of the thrash sound of the mid to late eighties, but there is an added edge to their music, probably due to the vocal style. Every song on this CD has riffs that rips shit up, very, very aggressive! There are 6 tracks on this CD that let you thrash around for nearly 28 minutes. My favorite tracks are "Blood To Free A Soul," "Cremation Day," and "Hammer Of Sickness. If you are lucky enough to be in the Los Angeles area or happen to go out to November to Dismember this year, you will be able to see them play. Keep an eye on these guys, they have stated that they want to be in the fore front of the "New Wave Of Traditional Death / Thrash Metal."

Rating: 73