Dream System - Traveling After Midnight (Foreshadow Productions) - Back
Hmmm... trippy! Reminds me of some newer Ulver material, but with more electronic herbalism. Dream System is a brand new project that is controlled by 2 individuals by the name of Thomas and Stanley. This debut release has a lot of elements such as heavy guitars, heavy electronics, melodic keys, sampling and many types of vocals. “Traveling After Midnight” is in essence, what it sounds like in the title. Something you can put on continual play in your disc player overnight and also material you could crank after midnight to mellow out a bit following a good show or party. You take say- Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio or Devil Doll and add Ulver or 3rd & the Mortal and you sorta have something closer to the Dream System norm. It's hard to really sit and review this without being conked out on the couch or something, but then you wouldn't want to. It's mesmerizing (like "Metropolis"), but also has some very heavy, technotronic and uneasy listening parts (like "One of Many Others"). Different. If you are a daring listener, Dream System is perfect for you!


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell