Drop 360 - Drop 360 (Independent) - Back
Drop 360 continues the trend of rap-core or metal/rap crossover bands with their self-titled EP. This sextet brings their music across in an interesting way with two lead singers. One singer raps and the other screams. When I first listened to this CD it reminded me a lot of (hed)pe. Then when the vocalist that screams came in it gave it a bit more of an edge then (hed)pe. Their overall sound is like (hed)pe with a touch of Soulfly, especially in the vocal area. This band is young an when they start letting everything just flow out they could land themselves a decent record deal. Their CD has 5 songs and spans almost 20 minutes. My favorite song on this CD is "Madman On Wheels," it's the only track that really stood out for me. If your interested in finding out more about this band check out their website at www.drop360.com.

Rating: 73