Dry Kill Logic - The Dead And Dreaming (Repossession Records) - Back
Alright! Dry Kill Logic is back. I’ve always thought these guys have been an underrated metal band. This album should put them right up with the more well know bands as Fear Factory, Slipknot and Kittie in quality and amount of appealing songs. “The Dead and Dreaming” is much like those bands; there are number of ear pounding, rhythmically catchy tracks. The appealing songs structures are in the line of Slipknot, Hatebreed and Sevendust. At times it sound like they took a page out of Slipknot’s book. Tons of that heavy hardcore type riffing is put to use…it’s simply speedy, and effective riffing. Basically, it’s what gets you into the songs. Aggressive thrash/death vocals occasionally break away to clean singing vocals during the chorus, similar to many modern hardcore bands. And even some approaches like Phil Anselmo. The only negative thing to say is that they should probably stay away from solos; they don’t do anything for the songs. Better off without it. Just about ever song is under four minutes each, eleven total for a little more than thirty-seven minutes. My most highly regarded track is “The Perfect Enemy.” “Paper Tiger” is a radio worthy song, it has many of those qualities that can get your songs on the air. If you like it loud and heavy, this one is for you!

Rating: 87