Dusk - Mourning...Resurrect (Lost Disciple Records) - Back
As the darkness falls the day turns to dusk, and Dusk becomes a name for this band. Just like the time of day, the music on "Mourning...Resurrect" is dark and mysterious. Their music is like old school sounding death with doom tying everything together. Heavy, slow crunching riffs sometimes create atmospheres like Pan-thy-monium or a similar style to Maudlin of the Well. The docile repition sometimes make their songs seem like they stretched them a little to far. But besides that, the album is handled quite nicely. A handful of the eleven tracks grabbed my attention including "Begotten Interlude," "Consigned to Oblivion," "Mourning Shadow," and "The Transfiguration (and it was so)." Nearly sixty-five minutes dark sludgie metal here to get the blood flowing for this bands latest.