Dying - Ill Intention For A Bloody Supper Promo 2006 (Independent) - Back
Hailing from Spain, the brutal death metal band Dying has release their disc “Ill Intention For A Bloody Supper Promo 2006.” Eight-minutes of music on this two track promo are from their upcoming release that will be recorded in 2007. This is brutal death metal resembling Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Skinless, and Brutality. I love heavy brutal death, but this has a few dull spots; the complexity probably could be increased. Mainly the music is either fast and heavy or slow and crunchy. The heavy breakdown and a handful of catchy riffs sounds like brutal mosh pit music. It makes you want to beat the shit out of your friends while moshing. There are also solid guttural death vox at the helm of Dying. Conversely, the solos need improvement; a little too raw. Basically this sounds like a band that would open up a show. A little more thought on bringing parts together would help some as well. Did they rush a little when writing this? Of the two songs, I like the first track a little more because of its similarities with Dying Fetus and Suffocation. I wish there was a couple more tracks, a bigger body of work, for more music to make a better judgment. Overall, “Ill Intention For A Bloody Supper Promo 2006” is just good enough for me to want to hear the full-length that will be coming out soon.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins