Ebola Joy - Sitra Achra (Ebola Joy Records) - Back
Ebola Joy appears to be a darkwave / doom metal band hailing from the Czech Republic. What I have conjured is that the atmospheric harmonies on this supposed dark electronica-style album, Sitra Achra, are very unique. Decoryah, Forest Stream and early 3rd & the Mortal are definitive references to Ebola Joys' style. While musically this trio have almost assembled their own sound, I have to criticize the very blunt and tasteless lyrics. It's quite obvious that these guys are very provoked and unpleased with the ways of the world (esp. "Dying World" and "Empty"), but the gritty aspect of it all is Anathema and My Dying Brides' song-writing of similar, yet superior to all... remain unmatched atop the great vast Doom metal kingdom. Ebola Joy lack much in the lyrical department aside from their nonchalant, yet catchy darkwave influence. The layout of the packaging isn't much either, but there are some nice little musical pieces here (such as the very ethereal "Weary" and the doom-laden "Stay", which I admit are quite excellent). Overall, Ebola Joy are a little different by most standards and are in my opinion, a worthy listen...

Rating: 78

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell