Ebolie - Elevation Into Disintegration (Grindhead Records) - Back
Grindcore is the only word I can muster for this Australian band, Ebolie. Though the base of their sound is fairly brutal grind, they have some distinct elements of System of a Down and even Sepultura at times. Quirkiness and aggression seem to flow evenly throughout this debut release. With quirks, my referrals would sit with tracks like "Foetal Grindings" and "Queer Eye for the Metrosexual", which are basically insane and slightly humorous. The other 7 tracks are pretty much grind / death tunes in the vein of early Cephalic Carnage or Brutal Truth. The artwork is an animated version of pure pandemonium, basically, and the bands' logo is even kinda cool in it's own simplistic way. Elevation Into Disintegration is a solid foundation to the beginning of a solid grindcore status...


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell