Edenbridge - ...Sunrise In Eden... (Sensory) - Back
Edenbridge has only been around since 1998 and in the short period of time have become an extremely tight band. This is showcased on their album "...Sunrise In Eden..." Their sound is a combination of new age, symphonic rock and power metal. When this is all combined together you get sounds anywhere from Dream Theater, Nightwish and Savatage. One thing different from those bands is the lead singer. Edenbridge has a female singer, a perfect voice for this type of music. It makes me wonder why more bands don't do the same thing. The whole album is written extremely well with great leads, the songbird of the female vocals and amazing solos. This nine track, fifty-three minute CD shows just what Edenbridge is all about and what they can play and compose. I suggest this CD to anyone into progressive metal and power metal. This might not be as intense as why you might expect, but this CD is so pleasing an refreshing to listen to. Some key songs to look out for are "Cheyenne Spirit," "Forever Shine One," "Holy Fire," and "In The Rain." All the other songs are good as well, a great album as a whole.

Rating: 92