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Back in the fall of 1994 two people started a project that was artistic/music based. Since then their creation has expressed their passion of music, and with many experiments with arrangements and flow, Edera was born in May of 1997. Their sounds is an interesting mix of Queensryche, Savatage, 70's Queen, and the Cure. So the best way to explain it is a progressive dark-wave. Yes, it is an interesting mix of influences, but is it any good? Well the experimental part I give the band much credit but, that does not mean that the music that they have created makes me want to listen to it over and over again. The one thing that made this CD need some improvement is the quality of production. The disk sounds low budget, and some of the instruments sound cheap. I'm sure if Edera was able to have their music mixed at a nice studio like the Tagtgren's Abyss Studio, then their sound would work much better together. But the one thing that might save this album is their ability to play and play together. This disk has six songs and twenty-three minutes of music. Fans of progressive rock might want to check this disk out, but besides that, I really didn't care for their style of music.

Rating: 60