Edguy - Rocket Ride (Nuclear Blast Records) - Back
Back in 1992 a high school cover band formed in Fulda, Germany and was named Edguy. Within five years these guys turned into colorful music creators and landed a deal with AFM Records and released “Kingdom Of Madness” in 1997. Fastforward ten years and many releases later, this quartet journeys to Gate Studios in Germany and created “Rocket Ride.” Producer Sascha Paeth once again joined the band on this effort. If you haven’t heard Edguy, where the hell have you been? Anyhow, you might find them reminding you somewhat of Rage or Helloween. But they definitely have their own style. Symphonic power glam metal you could say. Basically it’s powermetal with additional grim glam elements and symphonic traits. And you can’t forget the calming acoustic melodies. Vocals can be stunningly similar to Ronnie James Dio, Bruce Dickinson, James LaBrie, and Sebastian Bach. Showing the ability of the singer along with the range. Not quite the caliper of the aforementioned but still quality. Nothing is really out of the normal for this band, another well-built effort. A few better selected riffs and this could have been a really good disc. There are twelve tracks, the last of which is a bonus track. Axel Hermann created the amazing cover artwork. You probably know his work from Iced Earth, Moonspell, and Sodom. If you are curious about Edguy and they are playing at your local pub, I must suggest to you to go check them out, they are said to be a great live show. Entertaining by the antics and fascinating by the music.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D, Adkins