Einherjer - Norwegian Native Art (Native North Records) - Back
"Norwegian Native Art," the latest CD from Einherjer has pulled out all of the stops. It's their most progressive album yet. Even though their sound is a doom, death/black cross, they still have their own sound. It's more progressive then My Dying Bride, with a touch of Cradle of Filth and an early to mid 90's sound of Tiamat. It's really hard to describe, but they do sound like Mental Home. Every time I listen to this 8 song CD it keeps getting better. It just seems to make more sense. This is definitely one of the best albums of the this year. Even with their multiple line-up changes they have still been able to improve all the time. If anyone is into melodic death or black metal, I'm sure your interest would get caught up in Einherjer

Rating: 94