Ektomorf - Outcast (Nuclear Blast Records) - Back
Bothers Zoltan and Csaba Farkas started Ektomorf back in 1994. Their music is said to be thrash, hardcore and punk. Also folklore from the Farkas’ Roma roots. This Hungarian band is definitely thrashy. They have a bunch of heavy, nasty, brutal riffs. I enjoyed some of those heavy riffs, but “Outcast” isn’t to complex, mainly the catchiness is what gets your attention. A few parts with a tribal sound like Soulfly and Sepultura. Vocals are similar to Max Cavalera too. Heavy rhythmatic patterns get you in their songs immediately along with heavy and catchy choruses, much of which can be akin to those bands. Call these guys the European version of Soulfly. Not sure if that’s what they wanted. Regardless it sure the hell sounds it. Not bad, but not that original either. In my opinion, if you are a Soulfly fan and you don’t like this, then you can’t really call yourself a Soulfly fan. But I guess since these guys sound so much like Soulfly or late Max-era Sepultura at times it’s almost like they ripped off their sound. Don’t expect this to be as good as Soulfly or Sepultura, but comparable. Mr. Tue Madsen returned as producer for Ektomorf for “Outcast”. He was worked with many bands including The Haunted and Sick Of It All. Tue overlooked the recording at Antfarm Studios and once again did a great job. Eleven tracks and thirty-nine minutes of thrashy groove-driven metal from Hungary…see you in the pit!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins