Elenium - For Giving - For Getting (Rage of Achilles Records) - Back
Out of Scandinavia comes yet another sparkling marvel one can call, Elenium. Elenium is a 6-piece progressive death metal ensemble from Finland. With the release of their debut, For Giving - For Getting, the first thing that came to mind was early-Amorphis. The songs consistently range from 3 to 5 minutes for the most part, with an album length of around 40 minutes. So, a very solid output as well as a pretty good production to allow the listener to take everything in. Elenium bring forth a more technical and somewhat more experimental musical charter bringing them closer to bands like Children of Bodom, Death, and Stratovarius. With such stellar musical expertise, would you ever guess these guys are only about 25 years old? Well, I suppose these days... anyone could assume big things. Anyways, this album dodges in and out of prog. to death metal to power to thrash and whence the spite of "experimental". The album really doesn't get too boring, but the diversity may indeed be a bit much. I guess "For Giving - For Getting" is somewhere between great and mediocre. Although, I will for sure give Elenium my full attention when future releases are announced. Good stuff!

Rating: 84

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell