Eluveitie - Slania (Nuclear Blast Records) - Back
Here, we have an interesting mix of old world instruments and modern world ones. Eluveitie (or "I am The Helvetian") is the most sporting title for this delicately diverse and unique folk metal ensemble. First, I have to say that these guys were absolutely awesome at the New England Metalfest this year! Most of the people there were pleasantly surprised to see actual Celtic instruments fused with heavy metal! Anyways, this 8-piece band hails from Switzerland and “Slania” comes forth as the band’s second full-length release. The album brings us 50 minutes of traditional folk, inserted alongside a sort of melodic or progressive death metal. "Slania's Song" is perhaps, the best-suited track for the description. “Slania” (a Celtic name) is based on an ancient Helvetian woman who lived over 2,000 years ago. Much of that can be learned within the beautiful artwork & text of the album’s inlay. The music itself is intertwined with thick & heavy guitars, lots of acoustic guitar, mid-paced drumming, some chants, female and death vocals, whistles, pipes, fiddles, hurdygurdy & a bodhràn. As evidence would show, the listener is up for a plethora of elements. Not your everyday folk metal band with simple drunken buffoonery and war themes. This can best be told as tales of Celtic history through heavy music. Korpiklaani and Finntroll fans will love this! Make no mistake though, Eluveitie may walk parallel with those bands, but they are much different in essence. “Slania” is a very enjoyable disc!!


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell