Emancer - The Menace Within (Golden Lake Productions) - Back
Norway has a newfound power! Its name aligns itself with a newer black metal style utilizing electronics, various clean & grimacing vocal styles, acoustic passages, courageous lyrical & musical corners, and all-out fucking war!! The name is Emancer. The line-up exists as a 3-man machine. The Menace Within is the bands' 4th full-length in just under a 10-year span. It is probably the most ideal, yet experimental, that the band has ever been before. 9 songs and over 50 minutes of material. It isn't really at all close to their previous effort (Invisible), but is still very much a black metal album. You can still hear that a lot of the raw, old-school black metal elements are very evident, but much maturity exists in the various angles of chorus to riff, riff to electronics, and vocals. They have taken a different road much like those by the names of Enslaved, ...And Oceans, and Mayhem (listen for the Maniac-like vocals!!), but with their own distinct integrity. Emancer’s highlights include "Reclamation of Merciless January," "Enter Goddamned CNS," and "Enticing Defeat". Although, the entire album will figure in as a listener’s delight. Those of you into Emperor, Mayhem, Arcturus, or even more experimental stuff like Fleurety & Blut Aus Nord, will love this album. Another great black metal album that you won't want passing you by!

Rating: 90

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell