Eminence - Humanology (Timeless Productions/Two Fat Men) - Back
Old Sepultura fans will be pleased when their ears get within range of Eminence’s latest release “Humanology,” and for many reasons. For those who haven’t heard of Eminence, a couple of their members may sound familiar. The drummer is Andre Marcio, ex-Overdose, and their bassist is Jairo Guedz, ex-guitarist and founder of Sepultura. It should not come as a surprise that they sound like Sepultura or Pantera, but this is heavier and more brutal. It’s more of a combination of bands like Fear Factory, Biohazard, Soulfly, Slipknot, and obviously Sepultura and Overdose…even an old school thrash sound. You can say a little Disturbed too, especially in the quick little squawking screams. For the most part, the band uses ferocious screaming death vocals. More of a true death metal vocal, at least more than the previously mentioned bands. Not that I haven’t mentioned it before, but there are many similarities with Sepultura…lots of Sepultura-like riffs and straightforward riffs. Even small things have Sepultura traits. The seventeen tracks last for over fifty-seven minutes and overall it’s pretty impressive. This is what Sepultura should sound like today, maybe even heavier. Any Sepultura fan should like this.

Rating: 88