Eminenz - The Blackest Dimension (Last Episode) - Back
Eminenz's release "The Blackest Dimension" is another fierce album that has came out on Last Episode. It seems to be a type of black metal with a little influence by death metal, maybe blackened death metal or the other way around. Either way it is a very cool mix between the metal genres. The seem similar to old Dimmu Borgir, but not quite to the dimension of them. Eminenz seems to be more of a raw band, but still is very well produced. Opening up this nine track, fifty minute CD is their song "Exorials Return." This song seems to be a more black metal song, and it's a good song, definitely a good choice to start of the CD. The second track is called "Voices" and it seems to be more of the death metal sound. It's like they switch it up in the band to cover both sides of the really satanic metal. Some other songs that I enjoyed on this CD include "Diabolical Majesty"and "Sink In Oblivion." The other songs were decent, but not as good as the formentioned. This CD has been an interesting and entertaining experience. I can't wait to see what these guys come up with next, Im sure it will be full of power and fury.

Rating: 81