Emperor - IX Equilibrium (Century Media) - Back
Emperor has been classified as the elite Black Metal band by many in the metal community. With their new album entitled "IX Equilibrium" on Century Media Records, the band continues to expand Black Metal to new heights. Emperor is coming off of a 1997 Metal Album of the Year for "Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk." "IX Equilibrium" promises to be in contention for 1999's version of the award. Top tracks include; "Curse You All Men," "The Source of Icon E," "An Elegy of Icaros" and "Nonus Aequilibrium." Vocalist Ihsahn continues to expand his vocal repertoire. This time, attempting Rob Halford influenced vocals, come off sounding more like King Diamond than the famed Judas Priest singer. However, don't let these vocals scare you away from this album, as they fit in well with the typical harsh screams that come with Black Metal. Ihsahn also takes over bass duty with this record, filling in the spot vacated by Alver who left the band last year. Emperor is currently in Europe, playing concerts all over the continent. There is talk of possibly bringing them to North America to play a series of shows with fellow Black Metalers, Dimmu Borgir. That would be a tour that no true metal fan would want to miss. Overall, this album deserves a 94 rating. With "IX Equilibrium," Emperor once again shows that they are "...the greatest black metal band in the world, often imitated, never equaled," as it says on the cover of their 1997 release.

Rating: 94