Empire Auriga - Auriga Dying (Dark Horizon Records) - Back
When I first popped in this CD, I didn’t know what to think. Empire Auriga is a black ambient creation with eerie tones and atmospheres. “Auriga Dying” is really an odd creation for me, not that I haven’t heard comparable combinations but it made it hard for me to get into. Their traits can be considered unique, raw, abrasive and also somber sounding. Which shows some of the dynamics for the band, but I would add a few more variations to the mix. There is still a need for more dynamics. Maybe not as many drone type sounds and random elements. Here’s what I mean… the first track, “Time Expanding” reminds me of the band Swans, slow, loud and repetitive. Which isn’t bad, but it could use some more vitality. Track 2, “Sorrowsong” continues the same idea but has a nice slow rhythm to it. I enjoyed that element quite a bit. I don’t want to discourage people from checking out this band, but I guess I might not get the band’s idea totally. Just something to consider. It’s an acquired taste.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins