The Enchanted - For Those Who Fall... (Golden Lake Productions) - Back
When I first glanced at the cover of this release, I was actually expecting something a little more melodic. What I heard was aggressive and technical early-90's style death metal. This UK-based quartet that refers to themselves as The Enchanted, have arisen in the underground to become one of England’s elite death metal newcomers and rightfully so. One doesn't simply walk into a time capsule able to pull off what could've been the follow-up EP to Pestilences' "Malleus Maleficarum". That's not to say The Enchanted are exactly of the same caliber either, but this EP is certainly a good one. Aside from the horrid digital mastering of this release, The Enchanted can still be praised with uniqueness and extreme technicality. An offering such as this can be reminiscent of thrash/death metal bands such as Pestilence (aforementioned), Sadus, Bathory or Red In The Sky-era At The Gates to name a few. All in all, this is a pretty solid up-and-coming band. If your expenses allow, check 'em out!

Rating: 81

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell