End Of All - Paradise Burning (Venge Records) - Back
OK... I'm not going to say it isn't good (it's great!!), but End of All have delivered a fucked up Cephalic Carnage meets Anal Cunt-type Grind/Death. "Paradise Burning" may require several listens before any shred of coralation in song structures are recognized. As a matter of fact, much of this chaos is molded together by horrific samples, unexpected solos & melodies and blast beats. I very much appreciate the many directions each passage takes as well. As a matter of fact, if the band can remember which song is which on stage, I would recommend brilliant future acting careers. Damnit all, I can hear a lot of shit here! I think it was the beginning of "Lost in Translation" that reminded me of an Aerosmith song (they may kill me for mentioning that, hehe). There were others with doom elements, 80's rock elements, some jazz/new age elements, even shades of bluegrass!! Not only can you find humor in some of the tracks, you can completely appreciate the transitions in various worldwide forms of music. How they do it is beyond me. End of All probably just sat down and threw various riffs together for a complete song. That's just my view on the subject. I like it, they like it, it's different, they should keep doing it....

Rating: 82

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell