Enforsaken - Sinnerís Intuition (Crash Music) - Back
Well first off after hearing this disc, I’m rather disappointed that the band officially broke up on August 19th, 2006. It’s really to bad, “Sinner’s Intuition” the latest and final release for Enforsaken and it’s quite good. Having influences from death, black, thrash, progressive, jazz, etc…basically the history of metal and then some, they have created an album in which there is nothing unpleasant to mention. At the very least it’s solid all the way through. For the most part their music is loud, aggressive, and fast-paced. It’s really hard to categorize this band because of how their music often changes styles throughout their albums and even their songs. But if you are one for classifying styles you probably will interpret their music as Swedish death or death/thrash. Vocals remind me of Moonspell’s a little, as in Fernando Ribeiro’s growls. Enforsaken also use a more guttural death vocal, a more traditional style too. The guitar work every so often has a Maiden-esque attribute that really adds to the dynamics of this band. Very nice! So I hope you can see these guys aren’t a dime a dozen, run of the mill, metalcore rip-off band like there are so many of them these days. Sure some stylistic similarities with the Swedish death sound, but there’s more to this band than simple borecore. Well if my ranting hasn’t made you interested in their CD yet, then here are a couple more notes about this CD. Travis Smith created the album artwork. He might sound familiar since he has done work for Iced Earth, Nevermore, and Flotsam and Jetsam. Also, you make have heard a couple of Enforsaken’s tracks on MTV’s Viva La Bam. Their music was featured on a couple episodes. Once again, this is the bands last release, so make sure you don’t ignore it!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins