Ensiferum - Victory Songs (Candlelight Records) - Back
They’re back!! I’ve loved Ensiferum ever since their self-titled debut album, now their third full-length installment has arrived in “Victory Songs.” This Finnish quintet once again uses folk elements mixed with death and black metal traits to get an outstanding result. Traditional Finnish folk instruments, such as kantele, bagpipe, myckelharpa, and bodhrans all are used to enrich their sound. Combined with these folk elements are riffs that dance all over the guitars’ necks, rhythmic drums, raspy death/black oriented vocals, group chanting, and a hell of a lot of musical talent and writing ability. “Victory Songs” is aggressive, melodic, and pride-provoking metal. The tempo changes are all suitable, always revitalizing the songs; keeping them from being dull. This disc was recorded in Helsinki, Finland at Sonic Pump Studios with their producer Nino Laurenne. You may know Nino from his work with Finntroll and Thunderstone. “Victory Songs” starts with an enchanting intro and is filled to the brim with great tracks including “Blood is the Price of Glory, “Deathbringer from the Sky,” and “Victory Songs,” the title track. I think it is safe to say that these metallers will be writing great music for years to come. Cheers gentlemen!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins