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Talk about relentless music, Enter 6 has it down to a science. Their music keeps pounding, to a point its great!! Its like a nail being hammered into your temple and just when you think its in all the way, they keep pounding, and pounding until it reaches the other side of your head. There isn't a bad song on this 3 songs CD. Their sound is almost and old Metallica style, definitely a classic metal sound. Enter 6's songs do not get bored. "Hexed" is probably my favorite song on this CD, like I said there isn't a bad song on this album. The only thing that this CD needs to improve on is the production, and that's just a little. This Australian band has a promising future I wouldn't be surprised to see them signed to a big metal label within the next year. The 3 songs on this CD composes about 13 minutes of music to nod your head to and thrash around. I can't wait to see what this band comes up with next. I would love to see a full length CD from this band to see how they fill it up. If you get a chance to check out Enter 6, please do so, you won't be disappointed.

Rating: 86